The Great Bed by Velika is expressly designed for side sleepers. It’s unique design gives each sleeping partner the experience of vertical weight transference for a perfectly balanced sleep.

“The most comfortable bed you’ll ever own” begins with a duet top that provides a relaxed changeable sleeping surface made from sustainable of wood, cotton and natural latex, for a cool, breathable sleeping surface. One side is firm and the other is plush, allowing you to select your comfort.

The perfect harmony of support and comfort is the essence of quality sleep. The Great Bed by Velika is designed to give you that perfect harmony. Our two sided mattress offers long lasting support and comfort using hand tufted craftsmanship.

The Life Edge edge unit features side rails made up of our narrow diameter Quantum coils with Caliber steel coils at the had and foot. Life edge side rails deliver enhanced support at the edge of the bed. Caliber head and foot coils offer a more supportive edge than foam encasement.

Velika uses environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials of the highest quality in all mattresses. Cotton is cool and acts as a natural thermo barrier. Talalay Latex, nature’s perfect mattress material has lasting comfort. Organic wool naturally controls temperature for optimum comfort.