Mattress Shopping in our Northampton PA Area Store

At My Mountain Mattress, we know the importance of a good night’s sleep. For that you need the right mattress. We take the time to find you the best mattress that fits your budget and your needs. Our mattress experts have been matching customers with the perfect mattresses for over 10 years so we know what will work.

My Mountain Mattress offers top quality US-made mattresses and the Leggett & Platt line of adjustable bases. With an adjustable mattress, with a touch of a button you can change your position for reading or watching television.

We also feature Golden Technology durable medical devices for mobility solutions including Golden personal scooters and lift chairs.

Our success at My Mountain Mattress is built on personalized service and professional advice that big chain stores simply can’t offer. Our satisfied customers are the best advertising. If you are having problems sleeping or just need to replace a worn out mattress, My Mountain Mattress has a mountain of choices to fit your style and budget.

If you are a restless sleeper and awake tired in the morning, it could be the bed that is preventing a full night’s sleep. We ask about your sleeping habits to help you make the best choice: are you a back or side sleeper? Do you have back or neck pain or stiffness in the morning? Do your legs or hands fall asleep in the middle of the night? Are you frequently waking up feeling too hot?

Everyone is different and your body changes with age. You may have to change the type of mattress you are used in order to enjoy a satisfying rest. Mattress firmness is only one of many factors that contribute to sleep-enhancing comfort. Many people choose Tempurpedic or memory foam but it may not be the best choice for you.

The right pillow is as important as the right bed. Pillows can enhance or diminish sleep comfort. We match each customer with the right bed and pillow combination.

Choosing a new mattress is a daunting task. There are so many choices of styles and materials.

Generally, you get what you pay for with mattress quality. Since you spend about a third of your life in bed, it is an important investment. Your body will thank you every day for avoiding a cheap mattress. Higher quality brings greater comfort, support, and durability. We help you maximize all three factors.

Choosing the correct mattress size is fairly straigforward. Your feet should remain on the bed even when you fold your arms behind your head. The bed width should alllow sleep partners to move without knocking elbows with each other all night. We highly recommend mattress shopping with your partner.

Here is a helpful guide to mattress sizes:

Twin mattress–39″ wide x 75″ long
Twin extra-long mattress–39″ wide x 80″ long
Full size bed / Double mattress–54″ wide x 75″ long
Queen mattress–60″ wide x 80″ long
King mattress–76″ wide x 80″ long
California King mattress–72″ wide x 84″ long

For the sleep comfort you dream about, come to My Mountain Mattress. Your body will thank you.